About Shawn Alderton

Shawn Alderton is the founder and CEO of Affluent Amore Matchmakers and is currently Wisconsin’s only CERTIFIED professional matchmaker. Shawn’s passion and sole focus is helping her clients find the love of their life. A Wisconsin native, she has strong Midwestern values and believes strongly in the success that a personalized, professional service can bring in matching and introducing high-quality, exceptional singles

A Matchmaker’s True Story Of Finding Love On The First Date

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I received a call from a gentleman in the Milwaukee area on Tuesday, [...]

What Makes Us Fall In Love

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The Face of Finding True Love – Milwaukee Magazine

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Shawn Alderton knows that her purpose in life is to help people find [...]

The Face of Finding True Love

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Affluent Amore Matchmakers Shawn Alderton, Wisconsin’s Only Certified Matchmaker Shawn Alderton knows [...]

Unrealistic Expectations

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Is Passion Dead?

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  Hi Shawn, I am looking forward to our collaboration on this blog. [...]

36 Invaluable Pieces Of Relationship Advice

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1. “Admit when you’re wrong, shut up when you’re right.” 2. “Date someone [...]

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5 Telltale Signs Your Girlfriend Could Be WIFE Material

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