I received a call from a gentleman in the Milwaukee area on Tuesday, October 15th. His name was Randy, a corporate attorney, inquiring about matchmaking services. He had found us through a Google search of top Midwest matchmakers. Now a matchmaker’s true story of finding love on the first date.

I did a phone interview to learn more about what he was looking for and to see if he could potentially be a client. We agreed to meet on Thursday to see how we could work together. We hit it off at the meeting and he became a client on the spot. I even had a couple of introductions in mind for him that we discussed. I was actually able to confirm one of introductions that very same day.

The next day, Friday, I was able to confirm a second introduction for Randy. Her name was Shelley and as it turned out she was available to meet him 4 days later, on Tuesday. They decided to meet at a romantic restaurant on the north shore suburb of Milwaukee near where they both lived.

The first date was a total success and they both felt immediately they had each found their perfect match. As it turned out they have spent nearly every day since together.

Think of it, less than 5 days after becoming a client at our initial meeting, Randy had his perfect match.

A little more about their dates. Their second date was actually at a company dinner event. Randy was so confident, he wanted to show his co-workers his new lady.

Their third date was a big birthday celebration for her. She turned 50. Shelley mentioned to me after the party, “What a great way to start the new year”.

Oh and remember that first introduction ? Needless to say, he had me cancel that one. He had found his perfect match so no sense in wasting anyone else’s time. For both Randy and Shelley they have found “The One”.


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A Matchmaker’s True Story Of Finding Love On The First Date