As a Milwaukee matchmaker and dating expert I truly understand what makes us fall in love. I have been a people watcher and successfully matched many couples over the years.

As a woman you know you’re crazy about him and may even feel like you’re madly in love. But you still may have some doubts about whether you are actually meant to be. Everything feels perfect now, but how do you know you’ll feel the same way in a year or ten years? How do you know what you feel is real?

While it’s good to keep your eyes wide open for warning signs and red flags. It is also important that couples pay close attention to the positive things going on in your relationship. This way you can learn to appreciate what you’ve got going for you and build on it.

Deciding if you’re ready to really commit to someone is a deeply personal determination, and everyone has different criteria for determining whether their relationship is meant to be. As in any verdict, you have to start by assessing the evidence.

With that in mind,  there are definitely ways to tell if the someone special you’re dating just might be your soul mate.

Here’s 5 signs he may be the one. (By the way the author of this article played the role of a matchmaker on the new TLC show Kate Plus Date)

You don’t have to check off every single of of these points to be sure you’ve found “Mr. Right,” but if you can say yes to quite a few, then we feel pretty safe saying that you’ve found someone very special you might want to keep around.

If you’re in Milwaukee area and are looking for love and sometimes think about what makes us fall in love, let’s talk.

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